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Our Mission

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Our Community Interest Company mission is to provide training and accommodation to help homeless people develop and learn trades that will aid in their ability to get back into the workplace. 




We set up Smile Wide Together as a CIC. The reason we believe a CIC works for this company is that we aim to use it to better the conditions and living experience for homeless people.


We will do this by helping to retrain homeless people to have skills needed to go into the construction industry, this will be done by purchasing disused buildings and refurbishing them as places for people to live. This will mean that the selected homeless people will have a place to live and a skill which should give them the ability to join the workforce, and a starting platform to rebuild their lives.


Benefitting the community


Our initial strategy has two main benefits to the community. It also has a number of secondary benefits.

The first major benefit is the purchasing and renovation of disused buildings. This helps the local community by reducing the amount of buildings boarded up, which helps create a better aesthetic to the local area 

The second major benefit helps remove homeless people from the street. This means that there is less disruption to local personnel and businesses. It also reduces the amount of pressure put on public services such as police and the NHS having to deal with them.


The secondary benefits that occur due to this is that with this work taking place locally we would be able to use local suppliers. This in turn keeps the money at a local level that will help the wider local economy to reinvest in itself. 

Another secondary benefit is that with a reduction in levels of homlessness on the streets charities & food banks will have slightly more resources to help those desperately in need.


If the company makes surplus


If the company is fortunate to make a surplus from its activities it will reinvest the majority into the company to help more people and to spread to a slightly wider area. 


However a percentage of it will be given away to local hospice charities to help support the incredible work and support they give to people in some of the most emotionally difficult times of their lives. 

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